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The explanations of the worlds enable a deeper understanding of [psi]. But only owners of the book have this privilege and, even in this case, only those who have actually read the book.

Eros will guide you through the explanations of the worlds—he’ll show you things you might have missed when you first read the book or things you didn’t pay enough attention to. He’ll also reveal a few secrets to you, but certainly not all of them because you must discover some of them yourself.

[psi] has been created in a way that every reader experiences it a bit differently. It contains no correct and incorrect explanations, but just various views and understandings combined into a common truth. Precisely because of this it’s very important that your first encounter with the book not be burdened by others’ views, trying to find real people in the book, or the identity of its author. In order to prevent being overcome by the temptation to read these explanations before reading the actual book chapters, you must answer a question before entering the explanation of each world. The door to the explanation will only be opened when you give the right answer.