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Eros’ character

Eros’s character

Life only reveals his character to Eros in the end because his can’t be found among the twelve different human characters. This is the thirteenth character, in which the power of all three minds is equal:


People with this kind of mind have two opposing opinions in every thought process, which means they can’t take any position without at least a two-thirds majority. Because of their constant rivalry, their three minds often develop to a greater degree and this ensures them greater objectivity. The worlds built by people with the thirteenth character are thus more just and impartial in understanding the truth. They can see through the stage sets of others and so they have a lot of problems with people who don’t accept themselves because those kinds of worlds can’t take their own truths. Due to their incomplete assessments of their most important minds, almost everyone has the feeling that their minds are equally distributed, but the thirteenth character is actually extremely rare: other characters are approximately equally represented, whereas the thirteenth character appears only in a maximum of four out of one thousand people. Throughout history, the snake has symbolized a person with the thirteenth character. The snake handler is also the thirteenth constellation and the thirteenth, erased sign of the zodiac. The snake symbolizes wisdom, survival, and respect, but also loneliness because people often find individuals with this character conceited, vain, and proud. The thirteenth characters are thus often admired, but also despised just as much and even hated. The rationality and versatility so typical of them often lead them to the top of society, even if they don’t want that. Here’s a list of famous people with this character:

Alexander the Great

Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Benazir Bhutto


the Dalai Lama

Fidel Castro

Indira Gandhi

Jacques Chirac

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī


Julius Kambarage Nyerere

Leonardo da Vinci

Mikhail Gorbachev

Mohandas Gandhi


Nelson Mandela

Pope John Paul II


Salvador Dali

Stanley Kubrick

Stefan Raab

Will Smith

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

But we can also find thirteenth characters among ordinary people. You can recognize them by their unusual charisma that makes people believe and follow them. People with this character often have trouble pronouncing sibilants, but you can only notice this in languages that have many of these sounds.