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7th proof

The seventh proof

The seventh proof of Life exceeds the other proofs in every respect and is meant for the last remaining skeptics. When the book was finished, the writer discovered it by coincidence during his work.

This is why this proof is written in the original form of Life, which the author did not know anything about when he was writing the book. The seventh proof was revealed to the writer by the incredible coincidence behind which hides Life’s plan; the plan that will change the view on [psi] even among those who can’t understand the truth of what has been written with their minds.

This mystery has never been spoken of and never written down. It will be revealed to the humanity by a person with the thirteenth character, whom Life will choose by coincidence. Whoever correctly answers the riddle of the seventh proof first will receive a cash prize, the amount of which will increase with each copy of the book sold.

There are three paths leading to the seventh proof—one for each mind, but only the person who will be able to identify all three paths at the same time, will see the truth. Thus he will be the thirteenth.

Click on The Riddle to find the instructions for solving the riddle.

The Seventh