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The mathematical proof

If something exists, then it can exist an infinite number of times. This statement actually involves a mere question of dimensions.

Mathematical textbooks say that the point, which is one of the basic mathematical concepts, is an infinitely small element of space that exists without a dimension. However, this is not accurate because even a point cannot exist without one of the dimensions; that is, the fourth one—time.

While we are aware of time as the fourth dimension, we wrongly don’t treat it as being equal to the other three. The reason for this is that we cannot mathematically prove that it is completely equal.

If one point exists, this means that more points can exist as well. But because a point has no spatial dimensions this means that other points could only exist in the same place as the first one. In mathematics, points that overlap represent only one point, which means that the existence of more points cannot be possible. To have at least two points that do not overlap we need the first dimension, which defines the distance between the points.

A line that passes through both points is a geometric body of the first dimension. But if one line exists, this also means that more lines can exist. Because in the first dimension each line overlaps with the first one, in mathematics this represents only one line. For at least two lines to be able to exist we need another dimension. That is how we get two lines and with them a plane—a geometric body of two spatial dimensions.

And if one plane exists, this means that more planes can exist as well. However, because in two dimensions each plane would overlap with the first one, in mathematics this would represent only one plane. To be able to have more planes, we need a third dimension. This is how we get an infinite space—a geometric body of three dimensions.

It seems that space also cannot exist multiple times without overlapping with itself, because it is infinite in all three dimensions. But here we have the fourth dimension—the dimension that enables more all-encompassing spaces to exist without overlapping. This dimension is time and it is represented by the geometric body without spatial dimensions—the point.

Each point thus defines time and therefore time is the basic dimension of any point. In other words—the point represents time (t).

This basic element of mathematics has been missing until now and Life reveals it in the third world. It is connected with the seventh proof.