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Impressions of readers


The best book I have ever read! I read it 3 times and will do it again. Every time seems to me I am reading a different book!

Erik Miletić

Best book on human psychology and the only book in which you can find, besides complete understanding of mind (conscious and subconscious ), a clear description of falling and being in love, and how to achieve (true) love. I have read it 18 times 😉



Alen Spanjol

The book that found me when I was ready to acept the beauty of what what it represents. It has made a strong impact on me

Ana Berloznik

A must for those who are searching their deeper self!

Billy Drage

Deep, powerful & life changing.


This is the kind of book that you read over and over again for the rest of your life. And every time you read it, it's different from the other...

Peter Premužič

Long forgotten knowledge, that changed my life. After you read it, it is wise to absorb it fully, by talking to friends who also read it. And most importantly, explore the topic further, by reading over 250+ blog articles written by the author himself. The blogs are only in Slovenian, so contact me for rough translations. If you read it, please contact me. I would like to talk.


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