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Instructions for the readers

[psi] isn’t an ordinary book. Behind its apparent simplicity hides a complex and well-thought-out structure unimaginable to our mind. Regardless of your character, the book will take control over you and take you into a world you’ve known nothing about so far.

To allow this to happen, though, you have to follow certain rules. It is best for you read the book for fourteen consecutive days. The sections you need to sleep on are marked with the figure of Eros. The chapter on the twelfth world can be read together with the conclusion.

From the very beginning, the simpler superficial story interconnects with a deeper meaning. However, this can mislead more demanding readers because they can get the feeling that they didn’t understand everything and that the book gives more than it seems at first glance. However, by no means should individual parts be reread repeatedly because the unifying element may be lost. The book must be read through in the right order from the beginning to the end. Anyone who decides to read it again will be surprised to discover that he or she is reading a different book. But even less demanding readers will also come into their own because [psi] has been written in such a way that anyone can take from it all that is necessary.

The section that describes the three minds and is marked with somewhat larger letters can help you the whole time you read the novel.