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The seven proofs

It has been written that this book was not created by the human mind, but an educated person will find this hard to accept. What is even more incomprehensible is that the book contains seven revelations, which all together are an amazing proof that [psi] cannot be a product of the human mind.

Seven unforeseen answers to seven of the greatest yet-unexplained questions of humanity, and from completely different fields, confirm that [psi] is really not a work of the human mind, but the plan of Life. No one has ever succeeded in answering any of these questions, which is why it is even more unusual that a writer who has no special knowledge in these fields was able to do just that. A mere coincidence?

The first revelation concerns psychology and is presented in greater detail under REI. Only time will tell how significant this realization about the operation of the human psyche is. This new understanding provides a different view of interpersonal relationships, and a new psychotherapy approach based on this even makes it possible to treat problems that were regarded as incurable until now.

The second revelation is musical. It is about one of the greatest mysteries in classical music, about the great masterpiece of Johann Sebastian Bach, Passacaglia in C-minor, the manuscript of which is considered to be lost. The reader needs at least basic music education to understand this revelation.

The third revelation concerns a field in which not much has changed in the last centuries—all fundamental mathematical rules have been known since Antiquity. This is why it is remarkable that today someone can add something to this science that is so basic and unknown to date.

The fourth revelation regards geology. The main question of this field—the age of the Earth—still remains unanswered. The accuracy of this answer would be too debatable. Life thus found a solution to the second biggest geological riddle—it unlocks the mystery of the movement of the continents. Until now, no one has adequately explained why continents move exactly the way they do.

The fifth revelation has to do with human evolution, anthropology. Perhaps this answer will appeal to the greatest number of readers because it reveals the reason and the origin of the most common human disease, obesity.

The sixth revelation is a historical one, connected to the story of the three wise men, but at the same time it is an indirect proof of the first revelation because it testifies that even ancient civilizations knew about the three minds.

The seventh proof is intended for everyone who doubts the truth of this book. This proof is invincible because it overpowers all the rest. However, it is written differently—in contrast to the other six it is not obvious, which is why the reader will only be able to comprehend it by coincidence, which will not be coincidental at all. This mystery will remain unsolved until Life grants someone the knowledge to solve it. This reader will also receive a special prize.