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The psychological proof

The first revelation of Life—REI—concerns the understanding of the human psyche. It is described in the introductory part of the book and represents the thread that runs throughout the story.

Psychology as we have known it until now has been intangible, with usually more exceptions than rules. This is also the reason why there are few problems around the world that are solved as unsuccessfully as those that form in our minds.

REI reveals the fundamentals of how our minds work and even though it provides a simple model of complicated processes it is as such useful to professionals and at the same time understandable to everyone. It is like a mosaic in which we have only noticed individual pieces so far and this is why it is no coincidence that it overlaps with a lot of discoveries that humanity has already made in the past. Only those who see the big picture can see the paths it offers and only those who know the path they are embarking on will safely reach their destination.

Life presents itself to Eros in form of a talking dog. The dog presents to him the fundamentals of how our minds work and uses this model to explain to him how love works. Eros understands Life’s words and realizes with surprise that the pain he has felt because he was blindly in love is gone. Readers experience something similar when they enter Eros’s world—those who are unhappy because of their notions of falling in love and of love itself can completely heal their pain with the help of the book.

[psi] praises love above all values. Its mission is to return lost love to humanity and in order to reach this goal it is necessary to understand Life’s first revelation.

REI also explains the origin and meaning of social values, how they change throughout our development, and why it comes to crises that lead to the downfall of society. History teaches us that every time one of the minds rises above the other two, the society teeters on the brink of a downfall and even though this has repeated itself throughout all of history, we always believe that it will never happen again. All values that are taken totally for granted today may completely change in a couple of months and everything we have built our lives on may quickly become meaningless. Our society is standing at the edge of an abyss and we aren’t aware of how close and deep it is. This abyss represents the end of the social order as we have known it until now. Life always builds us bridges and even though nobody knows what awaits us on the other side this is the only path that does not demand big sacrifices from us, only small steps.

The first proof of Life is thus a theory that has been unknown to date, but that is very useful and can also be proved.