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Impressions of prominents

It’s incredible, one of the best books I have ever read!

Novak Djokovic, tennis player

Most likely this is another marketing ploy—a book full of symbols, meaningful words, a book that was supposed to be written by life to restore people’s faith in love—these were my first thoughts before I started reading it. How wrong I was! This is a book you absorb like the most expensive and best medicine, drop by drop. My deepest compliments to the author of this masterpiece, although I don’t know who he or she is. I’ve read many books in my life, but this one elucidates the realization about the essence of life like a true light. To me [psi] is truly something magnificent.

Dr. Prof. Erich Tetickovic, neurologist

Spending time with Eros is a truly engaging and exciting adventure. I’ve found many practical things in [psi]: the thoroughly useful understanding of the mind using REI (absolutely amazing!), the explanation of the difference between “doing it” and “making love,” an example of a much more perfect social system, an excellent tool for a successful conversation, and a new awareness that it’s worth working on oneself and striving for Love. And all this just at the first reading . . .

Masa Siftar de Arzu, a diplomat working in Washington, DC